Halal Consultancy

Unlike China and India, the Muslim market remains largely untapped and often ignored despite its tremendous potential. The Muslim consumer expenditure for food and beverage is ranked first, ahead of China ($854bn), and the United States($770bn). This represents 16.6 % of the global food expenditure. By 2021 this figure is expected to rise to $1,914bn or 18.3% of Global expenditure.

Other sectors such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, tourism, fashion and finance are also seeing an increase in demand for halal or shariah compliant products and services. Transcending national borders and geography, the key to gaining ground in this market is understanding the common factor that binds it together - Islam. Going HALAL is the first step towards tapping that potential and we are your partner throughout this journey.

Halal Certification with Blockchain

Halal certification ensures that products sold meet the requirements of Islamic law and are therefore suitable for both Muslims and non-Muslims alike. Unfortunately, at the moment, Halal standard is not ‘ONE SIZE FITS ALL’. Differences in the school of thought (mazhab) as well as the multiple regulatory and accreditation bodies that control Halal may create confusion over the halal requirements, specifications and certification schemes.

WhatHalal Certification System is an integrated management system developed, implemented, and maintained to manage materials, processes, products, human resources, and procedures in order to maintain the traceability and sustainability of halal production process in accordance with the Halal requirements.

In Whatshalal, our HAS are integrated to our blockchain system to ensure, speed, transparency and traceability. With this we are able to assist businesses to develop flowchart, determine halal critical points and implement control measures, management of records and traceability of processes throughout the supply chain efficiently.

Halal Industry Training

With emerging technologies, new trends, technical issues and challenges in the global Halal industry, we constantly educate and train our clients on these matters to ensure it has minimal effects on the production and supply chain.

Working in collaboration with various agencies, universities and research, the modules are developed to address specific needs of Halal industry to cover the topics of wholesomeness, safety, hygiene and consumer products that catered for both Muslim and Non-Muslim audiences.

Our training moves beyond theory, giving you valuable PRACTICAL, RELEVANT and REAL-WORLD INSIGHTS. As a result, you can trust us to provide high-quality, consistent training and development at every level of your organization – anywhere in the world.