Halal F&B Digital Solutions

Delivery Service

Now you don't need to travel far to enjoy your favourite food. You can order it easily through our WhatsHalal App. With our delivery service you can find Halal food that is closest to your place or where ever that is. Our riders are ready to deliver your food no matter wherever you are, because our delivery service covers island-wide delivery. All our restaurants are Halal Certified and/or Muslim owned. Hence all food are prepared according to Islamic law, and are free from pork byproducts, alcohol and other non-Halal ingredients!

The New Look!

The new look of WhatsHalal App lets you explore your culinary experiences and be more informative with the latest culinary recommendations around you.

Various Types of Restaurants

Various types of restaurants are available in our application. We provide menu recommendations in each restaurant , so you don't have to worry if this is your first order.

Freely Set Delivery Time

You don’t have to worry about your dinner or breakfast for tommorrow, we got your back. Choose freely when your food will be delivered to your place. You even can order 7 days before.

Dine In

When you go to a restaurant and see many queues there, you can use the Dine In feature to order without queuing. Every family member must have different food tastes, you can order from a variety of foods from different merchants in one food court.

Take Away

For a super busy person like you and do not have time to queue for breakfast or make dinner, you can arrange freely when you will pick up your food, the restaurant will immediately prepare it for you so it is ready when you pick it up.