Halal Assurance & Certification by Blockchain

The WhatsHalal App and underlying Blockchain are uniquely able to solve the problems facing Halal consumers. WhatsHalal plans to rectify these issues via the Blockchain to bring forth transparency, security, scalability and immutability within the Halal community and give the power back to the people. We plan to give people access to halal knowledge, supply Halal food traceability from farm to table, allow quicker and more transparent Halal certifying process through smart contracts, and tokenise our eco-system for all parties involved within our WhatsHalal eco-system.

Halal Purchase Without WhatsHalal

Halal Food Traceability

Traceability ensures that each stage in the life cycle of a food item or product, it can be established with certainty the conditions that the item was produced under. Integrating Halal traceability in the food chain follows similar principles, and is greatly improved by Blockchain technology. This ensures that the movements of an ingredient or product can be tracked even as it changes hands, and moves through different logistics providers as it makes its way from farm to table.

Smart Contract

Smart Contract aims to expedite the application for Halal Certification, while also bringing transparacy and traceability to the process, as the information will be publically veriable, and immutably recorded on BlockChain. All of the information, such as the results of Halal Testing Lab, Venue inspection, Evaluation of the Equipment and Supplies of the prduct producer and the analysis result of the component ingredient list will be recorded on BlockChain. The certifying bodies are able to instantly and quickly review the information from BlockChain and come to decision. Therefore it can save more time and money.

WhatsHalal Blockchain

Blockchain technology is a perfect fit for the needs and demands of Halal food traceability, as can be seen in the above interaction. The condition and status of the product can be updated to the Blockchain in real-time and easily accessed by people seeking knowledge about it.The end-consumer benefits from a more holistic understanding of Halal product information, and can be assured that the items he is consuming are purely Halal. End-consumers will use the WhatsHalal app, which leverages the Blockchain, to procure tertiary services like food delivery and restaurant reservation. They also contribute to the eco-system by making product enquiries and providing feedback, which in turn can be relayed to producers who can provide more information and/or further refine their processes as necessary.