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What is ATeMS and do I need it to apply for Halal Certification?

ATeMS is your Halal Assurance & Traceability Management System that will help you digitize your documents and help with your preparation to apply for a Halal Certificate. Treat us like your online sidekick which is affordable, accessible and convenient. 

When can I start using ATeMS?
Simply subscribe for our ATeMS plan and you are ready to go!
How much is the ATeMS subscription?

ATeMS Subscription has a few annual subscriptions. Click here to find out which is suitable for you.

I am a business owner in Singapore, is there any grant that we can utilise?

If you are the first 100 Singaporean businesses to sign -up with us, theres a discount that you can enjoy. Simple arrange a meet up with our consultant and we can share with you more details.  Contact us to find out more.

How many users are able are to log in for 1 subscription?

Right now, only 1 user to log in per account created. We will be increasing the user per account if there is a high demand for this.  

Can I start using the system to assist my Halal Certificate submission?

Yes, you can! Currently the system can attend to schemes under MUIS Eating Establishment Scheme and MUIS Product Scheme. We will be be increasing ATeMS capabilities to assist with more MUIS schemes in May/June 2020.

What if I need help with the actual documentation and the preparation?

Our system is simple enough for anyone to prepare the necessary documentation required. However, if you still need assistance, we have our contact agents who will be happy assist you further.  

My supplier is not responding fast enough with the documents I require for submission, what should I do?

We realise that is a common problem among business owners. We hear you, reach out to our contact agent and we will assist you with. With all the partners and framework within WhatsHalal, we are able to complete your document in less than 5 days.


My ingredient is not halal, what should I do?

If your product ingredient has strains of pork or alcohol, that product is definitely NOT permissible and will be rejected upon submission to MUIS. However, WhatsHalal has thousands of database to assist you with the halal alternative. We are committed to quickly solve your halal-related matter within hours, if not days. We understand that time is money for businesses and that is why we have the full support infrastructure for you. 

How long does it take to get a Halal Certificate?

Each Halal Certificate application is dependent on the size and readiness of the business. It may take from
3 – 6 months for a new applicant to get their Halal Certificate.

After I get my halal certification, what’s next?

That is where WhatsHalal Business Team will expose you to our network for you to grow. We want to ensure that you are able to communicate with the Halal consumers right. We will do a full diagnostic on your communication channels and tools at ncharge. This will definitely put your Halal Business in the right path. 

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