Aye Aye Pizza – Based on a Scary Animal!

April 03, 2018 | 3 Minute Read

Aye Aye Pizza – Based on a Scary Animal!

Aye Aye Pizza has one simple business model – they serve pizza even after midnight. You may not think that people could be that hungry after hours but you’ll be surprise that Aye Aye Pizza sold out their pizza in less than two hours! The brainchild behind Aye Aye Pizza is Mr Salam, a former Domino’s Pizza employee who noticed a demand for pizza orders nearing closing time. He decided that it is worth investing into the idea and created a business out of it.

How Aye Aye Pizza Got Its Name


When we asked Salam how he got the name, he clarified that it is not at all based on the phrase ‘Aye aye, Captain!’. “I was looking through different types nocturnal animals to get inspired from,” said Salam. “I came across the Aye Aye. It’s not exactly a cute animal. Not even cute enough to make a mascot from it. But I like it because it’s such a unique animal!”

Indeed, when we Googled the aye-aye, we discovered that it is the world’s largest nocturnal primate; a lemur that looks more like a Gremlin. In fact, it was deemed one of the 13 ugliest animals in the world. With such an interesting name, it is obvious as to what made Aye Aye Pizza unique as a business.

Nocturnal Nomnomnom

"Pizza Sides"

One of their bestselling items is the Smoky Duck Pizza. The pizza is topped with chunks of smoked duck meat on a spicy in house tomato base. Other unique mouth-watering menu items include Chicken Tandoori and Chicken Cajun.

Aye Aye Pizza also offers the more familiar and well known pizza favourites as part of their menu, such as Pepperoni Pizza and Hawaiian Pizza. Apart from that, they also offer a selection of other western dishes such as spaghetti, lasagna and fried chicken.

“I created the recipes for the pizzas from watching Youtube and getting tips from my mom,” said Salam. “After a bit of trial and error, I managed to perfect it. It also helps that I had experience selling fresh food at places like Geylang Bazaar and such, hence I sort of knew what customers prefer.”

The WhatsHalal Factor

"Fish n Chips"

Aye Aye Pizza offers both delivery and dine in for their pizza. Often, deliveries are done by Salam himself, especially in the late hours. Things get especially busy during weekends, but Salam is hoping that delivery services from companies like WhatsHalal can help him with that.

“I’m looking forward for more customers to come in from various parts of the island, especially since WhatsHalal offers islandwide delivery,” said Salam.

With the introduction of Aye Aye Pizza on WhatsHalal, your pizza cravings are no longer an issue. Night owls, start ordering today!

Aye Aye Pizza is now live on WhatsHalal, available on both Android and iOS. Enjoy convenient, 100% halal islandwide delivery when you purchase via the WhatsHalal app now.

About WhatsHalal

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WhatsHalal started at the time there is an increasing awareness and need amongst the muslim community for clarity on the “halal-ness” of food. WhatsHalal’s objective is to be the definitive guide and provider of unquestionably Halal Thoyiban food to the Muslim community. The mission of WhatsHalal is to create a Halal ecosystem of food, from supplier to merchant to consumers. We seek to reduce, even eliminate, doubt of the Halal-ness of the food you consume, in a fast changing times where information may not be substantially available or easily sourced.

We are providers to the path of believe, in service to The Believed and for the benefit of the believers.

May Allah raise us all.