Why Halal?
The halal industry is massively booming. Here are some facts to give you an idea:

    • 25% of the world’s population are muslims. A target audience of 1.7 billion people.
    • And that’s why big brands are racing to dominate the muslim market segments with their products.
    • In 2018, Muslim consumers spent US$2.1 trillion on food and beverage.
    • By 2023, this figure is expected to reach a whopping US$3 trillion.
    • Muslim countries with the highest spend on food and beverage in 2018 were:

Indonesia – US$173 billion

Turkey – US$135 billion

Pakistan – US$119 billion


Why should your business get Halal Certification in Singapore?


    • It allows restaurants to have a competitive advantage and cater to a diverse audience.
    • Proximity with Malaysia and Indonesia – these countries have large muslim population. It makes business sense to produce and sell halal certified food and products in Singapore that can be distributed into these regions.
    • Singapore is ranked as the sixth most popular destination in the world for Muslim tourists. This itself widens your business reach to the local market and also the muslims who are visiting Singapore.
    • Having a Halal certificate will increase the level of assurance of Muslim customers to your restaurant.