For Enterprise

WhatsHalal ensures that each stage in the life cycle of a food item or product, it can be established with certainty the conditions that the item was produced. Integrating Halal traceability in the food chain follows similar principles, and is greatly improved by Blockchain technology. This ensures that the movements of an ingredient or product can be tracked even as it changes hands. Enterprise customers who wish to go Halal simply need to initiate the application on our blockchain platform, and several smart contracts will determine the assurance process, working in collaboration with consultants, labs and certification bodies.

For Merchants

Merchants become Future-Ready when we put our store technology in the hands of the common hawker. Now, hawkers are able to receive orders via our platform and you can be sure that you get the same power as restaurants and cafes.

For Consumers

At the end of the supply chain, Halal assurance is managed with our Consumer app. Using the app, consumers can order products from Halal certified merchants and our delivery fleet will send your order on demand. Our WhatsHalal Consumer App is the only app you will need for all your Halal needs, as other than ordering Halal products, you can also check the Halal validity of products by scanning its barcode, perfect for travelling in non-Muslim countries.