Our Purpose

WhatsHalal exists to solve a genuine and pressing problem faced by Muslim communities worldwide - the challenge of understanding the Halal status of the food they consume. We are committed in building a Halal Assurance System for our community, from farm to table, and want to enlighten and educate all interested people on why Muslims eat Halal food, and the benefits thereof.


How It Works

WhatsHalal ensures that each stage in the life cycle of a food item or product, it can be established with certainty the conditions that the item was produced. Integrating Halal traceability in the food chain follows similar principles, and is greatly improved by Blockchain technology. This ensures that the movements of an ingredient or product can be tracked even as it changes hands.

Halal Scanner

  • Information on all Halal Certification of the product.
  • The Halal Status of all the ingredients used in the product.
  • More information about the Product & Producer.