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Access a variety of Halal restaurants in Singapore in just a few taps!

Halal Delivery From Halal Eateries

Dozens of Halal eateries, family businesses and high-end establishments are now on WhatsHalal!

Islandwide Delivery

Now you are no longer locked down to your own district! North, central, east or west… We cover island-wide delivery for our merchants, so that you can enjoy your favourite food no matter where you are!

100% Halal Restaurants

All our restaurants are Halal Certified and/or Muslim owned. Hence all food are prepared according to Islamic law, and are free from pork byproducts, alcohol and other non-Halal ingredients!

No Minimum Food Order

You might be craving for a single burger downtown and need nothing else. We got you covered! There is no minimum order for our deliveries. Bismillah!

Our goal: A seamless Halal Food Eco-System.

The WhatsHalal app is just the beginning of it! We’re on a mission to simplify what is Halal. It’s an ambitious endeavor, but so are we. We are already working with several restaurants, merchants, and chefs to develop digital products that benefit all users, from customers to merchants. Our goal is to create a business that provides:

Delicious Halal Food Anywhere, Anytime

Food Price Fixed, No Mark Up!

Wide Range of Halal Restaurant Listings

A Mobile App with a Human Touch

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The Milk and The Wine of Isra Mi’raj

  Isra Mi’raj was one of the most significant historical events in the Islamic calendar. Perhaps it is amazing to think that a human being is given such honour to take such a journey, but it was well deserved reward for a man who saw the death of not one but two of...

Aye Aye Pizza – Based on a Scary Animal!

  Aye Aye Pizza has one simple business model - they serve pizza even after midnight. You may not think that people could be that hungry after hours but you’ll be surprise that Aye Aye Pizza sold out their pizza in less than two hours! The brainchild behind Aye Aye...

WhatsHalal Delivery Charges Reduced!

  بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمٰنِ الرَّحِيْمِ Alhamdulillah, WhatsHalal have been going LIVE for slightly more than a month now. Along the way, we have receive many feedbacks on how we have done well and how we can further improve. We acknowledge and appreciate all the...

Zoul Corner – The Secret is Not in the Chicken

  EDIT: The article has been edited to clarify that Mee Wak Ketagih is still in the works and not yet available to public. When WhatsHalal was interviewing Zoul Corner, we overheard that an order of 50 packets of Nasi Ayam Penyet just came in for them and that they...

Satayboy – Wherever Satay May Roam

  If there’s one word to describe Satayboy’s way of establishing themselves as a talked about food highlight in Singapore, it would be “nomadic”. Luqman, the founder of Satayboy, started the business as a live barbecue station. Their satay are marinated with the...

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